General sales conditions

Customers are held to be aware of sales conditions and every order implicitly calls for acceptance of these conditions. We reserve the right to introduce changes to prices, modify articles and correct any printing errors.

Catalogue/price validity:
the catalogue and price list are valid until the next catalogue and price list are published. As a consequence new catalogues and price lists cancel and replace all previous ones.The prices, where specified, are in Euro. They are net of VAT and are calculated according to costs existing at the time the catalogue/price list was printed. Consequently subsequent variations in the cost of raw materials and components in our products may cause a modification of the sale price (prices are determined the moment the order is placed).
The purchaser takes note of all the above and accepts its contents.

Purchase orders:
purchase orders are never binding upon the seller: sale is finalized only when the seller himself issues his order confirmation.All orders must be sent to the seller in writing and cannot be cancelled after an 8 day period has elapsed.For any cancellation after this prescribed term the purchaser must receive written approval from the seller who in any case reserves the right to charge the purchaser 30% of the cost of the cancelled order.

Minimum amount:
an extra handling charge of 15 Euros will be added to orders for amounts lower than 150.00 Euros.

Order confirmation:
the seller, after receiving the order from the purchaser and accepting it, shall send confirmation stating acceptance of the order, availability of the goods, price and expected delivery date.Delivery terms stated in the order confirmation are not binding upon the seller. They may be delayed due to force majeure or accidental events beyond our control (strikes, lockouts, calamities, etc.).
In no case can we be charged penalties of any kind due to delays in deliveries.

payment terms must be agreed upon. The seller, in case of delays in payment, reserves the right to apply interest on arrears to the amounts due at the current bank rate and any other costs paid by the seller because of the delay in payment. Claims regarding goods do not entitle the purchaser to stop payments. In case of default the seller has the right to interrupt deliveries or even to totally cancel business relations without giving the purchaser any title for claming for damages he has suffered.
The seller reserves the right to charge the defaulting purchaser any warehouse costs.

ex our warehouse on board truck. We are at your full disposal for proposing shipping services by carriers or shippers from our warehouse up to the delivery site you specify and at competitive prices.

packing costs are always for the purchaser’s account who will be charged for these at cost price. We have no obligation to receive returned packing.

Shipments and transportation:
goods always travel on purchaser’s behalf and at purchaser’s risk even if they are sold F.O.B. or free at destination. Therefore, the seller is not responsible for any deterioration, damage, delays, fines or other harm or damage of any kind that may arise during shipment. It is up to the purchaser to make all opportune checks of the goods and send any claims to the shipper only at the time of receipt of the goods by raising written reservations on the shipping document.
Delivery of the goods to the shipper causes transfer of ownership to the purchaser and from that moment onwards the goods travel on purchaser’s behalf and at exclusive purchaser’s risk, totally releasing the seller from all obligations. Consequently the seller cannot in any way be held responsible for any deterioration, damage, delays, fines or other harm, direct or indirect, which may arise during shipment.Therefore, it is up to the purchaser to handle requests, claims and actions against third party shippers, carriers and/or any insurance companies.

the seller is released from any liability for any accident to persons or property which could arise due to or during use of the products that are sold.

In accordance with UE standards. Warranty coverage is strictly limited to replacement of defective parts (returned carriage paid at the expense of and by the purchaser) excluding any other right to damages.Breakage due to overloads or to erroneous uses of any kind shall not be subject to warranty coverage. Any costs relating to labor, per diem allowance, room, board and travel costs for maintenance personnel and shipping costs relating to materials sent for repair shall always be paid for by the purchaser. Warranty coverage excludes electrical parts and warranty coverage is invalidated whenever tampering, improper use or negligence when loading and unloading the goods are discovered.
No goods will be accepted for return without prior authorization in writing from the seller.

Court of jurisdiction:
any dispute arising regarding interpretation or execution of the contract shall be put up for judgement exclusively before the Court of Verona, explicitly excluding any other court of jurisdiction.

Technical characteristics:
technical characteristics (dimensions, weights, colors, etc.) specified in this catalogue are to be considered indicative only and may be changed during the period of validity of the catalogue in order to constantly improve the quality of the products.

assembly of the articles purchased shall be handled by the purchaser and at his expense unless otherwise specified.

all general and specific conditions, handwritten, typewritten or printed, are correlated to and supplementary to each other. The purchaser, when he placed the order with us implicitly and totally accepts these conditions.
Explicit reference to the Civil Code is made for all other relationships. Data and photographs in this catalogue cannot be used in other publications unless explicitly authorized in writing by Girlanda Antonio srl.
Notwithstanding the general conditions or modifications thereof stated therein and accepted are valid only when in writing.