A company started over 50 years ago in Valpantena, since then it reached all corners of the world. Corrado, before with Girlanda Antonio and Angelo srl now with Girlanda Antonio srl is a reference point when it comes to the processing of marble, stone and granite, distributing industrial machinery internationally.

Today Girlanda Antonio srl is managed by Antonio’s son, Corrado, who earned thirty-year experience working side to side with his father, and is now determined to give the company a new direction, putting it in the condition of welcoming the big challenges of the future.

The vast variety of products offered by the Girlanda Antonio Company are all state-of-the-art: the result of experience and professionality, produced thanks to partnerships with numerous Italian and foreign companies.

Starting from the small districts producing the typical red stone of Verona, Girlanda Antonio srl expanded throughout Italy to then export to Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

Corrado’s imperative is to satisfy the client as much as possible, aiming to widen the product range in the near future to offer marble companies increasingly innovative tools.