GIRLANDA ANTONIO SRL, directed by Corrado Girlanda, is located in one of the most important ltalian marble districts internationally recognìzed. Starting from the Valpantena valley, throughout the Veronese stone district, in ltaly and abroad, the name Girlanda has always stood out (be marked) for its seriousness and professionalism in the production and marketing of equipment for marble workers.

Thanks to the experience gained since 1962, Girlanda Antonio Srl is able to offertargeted solutions to its customers thanks to a service and availability that has always distinguished it. In an increasingly competitive market, the idea remains that every business relationship is based primarilyon a human relationship and the trust that is shared is the strength that has allowed Girlanda Antonio Srl to go on in a journey contìnuously growing.

The Girlanda Antonio Srl equipmentfor marble are used by stone industry operators: laboratories, warehouses, construction sites and quarries. Waste containers, trestles for handling and storage of finished products, plate carrying pliers, plates for the deposit of the slabs are all necessary tools to facilitate and improve the work of the stone production system.
Girlanda Antonio Srl has several collaborations with partners working in the same field in order to offer alternative services.